Valentin Fabre

« Fashion UFO »

exclusive editorial for Coeval Magazine, with Romane Stafiniak (at Mademoiselle Agency) and Vic (City Models) styled by Marion Hassan assisted by Cecile Nee. Makeup by Marie Guillon, hair by Morgane Stephanazzi. Special thanks Adriana Pagliai and AndreaLo.


« Photographer Valentin Fabre’s fantastical series ‘Fashion UFO’ tells the fictional story of two glamourous alien-girls who travelled from a mysterious planet to Earth’s countryside. Fabre stretches, blurs and over-exposes his photographs to communicate the other-worldly beings’ disillusionment with the polluted world they now find themselves living in. Whether posing hand on hip next to a grey Toyota, frolicking in a monstrous crinkled bin-bag, or lying amongst a dishevelled heap of plastic rubbish, Fabre highlights the juxtaposition between the ethereal innocence of the eccentrically styled aliens and the polluted state of the earth’s atmosphere. Sci-Fi films teach us from a young age to fear the existence of aliens, but Fabre’s series conveys the ironic truth that humans are the dangerous species. » : words by Ella Bardsley.