Valentin Fabre

« The Chantilly Sisters »

Editorial for King Kong Magazine with Anouck Van Zijl and Vanille Verloes. Makeup by Axelle Jérina Jovanovic. Stylism by Vanille Verloes with clothes from See By Chloé, vintage shops, Chanel vintage, Noir Kennedy, DollsKill, and pieces by Solène Lescouet, Vincent Garnier Pressia, & Victor Weinsanto. Chantilly is a small town in Northern France surrounded by woods and crowned by a spectacular sixteenth century chateau. A bourgeois area, Chantilly’s unique aesthetic of large manors and vast flora make it a distinctly atmospheric place; a perfect canvas for bizarre, eerie activities. Sadomasochism, high-glam freakishness looks best in a haunted house, while high fashion and classic French pomposity bounce off on one another impeccably. Name a better duo.